Hi everyone!          

We hope you are all doing well?

I wanted to make a quick post about some news for our VTC, as you may know we are a Brand New Virtual Trucking Company, about 3 weeks old now and were getting close to 50 Drivers! This is amazing! We could not be happier! Everyone is getting on great and we are growing really quickly!

At the end of each month we will be awarding Driver of the Month for Euro Truck and American Truck Simulator for the most miles Driven in each category and we also award someone for being the most active on Discord! We are Proud to announce that…

The Award for most miles in Euro Truck goes to Andy G! Well done buddy and thanks for everything you do for us here at Lytham Longhaul!

The award for most miles in American Truck Simulator goes to Adam! Well done buddy and thanks to you for all you have done for Lytham Longhaul!

Our award for the most active on discord this month goes to Andy G He has been helping loads of new drivers get started and generally being awesome! Thanks again buddy!

We have now reset the Discord Bot so we can see who will be top at the end of September 🙂

Thanks to every single one of our Drivers for all your hard work that you have all put into our VTC, we could not have done any of it without you guys!

We also hosted our end of the month Convoy with a HUGE turnout of around 20 Drivers! Thanks to all those who attended and special thanks to Niko for the photo he took below 🙂

Thanks again to everyone for all your hard work this month! Means a lot to me that you are with us and enjoying it 🙂

Thanks for reading and hope to see you in the VTC soon 🙂


Managing Director.



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