Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all doing well, we have been super busy here at Lytham Longhaul! We have been doing a few group convoys together and still gaining drivers all the time, I am really proud of all our Guys and Girls! We have become a really close family over the last two months that we have been established and we thought it was time to start rewarding our best drivers with new roles.

We want to welcome Boggy Marsh as our new Driver Manager, He is very experienced within the industry and drives a Class 1 in real life! He has been with us a long time and has helped lots of drivers and has contributed a great deal to our virtual trucking company!

We also want to welcome Lucas Allington to the role of Recruitment Manager! Lucas has been a key part in the VTC for a long time and has made all our cinematic trailers! He is super enthusiastic and is a credit to the company.

Other news is we have a mileage tier system in place now to show recognition to the our drivers who have put in those miles for us, these roles range from Trainee to Legendary Drivers! We still have and will always have zero targets here at Lytham Longhaul but thought it was important to recognize the people who put that extra effort in, we still offer Driver of the month rewards for American Truck and Euro Truck Simulator and also most active user on discord awards, they all get a Random Steam Key award at the end of each month!

Here is Lucas’s latest Cinematic Trailer, I am sure you will all agree it’s amazing! Thanks so much buddy 🙂

Thanks so much for reading and I hope to see you in the Virtual Trucking Company soon, we are always looking for new Drivers to join us so why not Join Us Today!


Managing Director.

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