Hello everyone!

I hope your all doing well? We have been busy here at Lytham Longhaul! We have achieved another HUGE milestone! Yes we have just reached 60 Drivers! wow!

We have been growing steadily since we started just over 3 months ago! We have become a great family and I am super proud of everyone that’s been involved with our Virtual Trucking Company, from all the Drivers that put the miles on each month to the drivers who have been busy making custom skins!

I also want to say a huge thanks to Patrick from Canada for his awesome skins that he has made this month! I will show a couple at the end of this post so you can see them! I am sure you will agree he is very good at it and we are excited to see what he makes in the future 🙂 Awesome work buddy! Your Designs are now on the members area of our website available to all our drivers from the start!

I also want to say a massive thank you to Lucas Allington again for hosting our very own Lytham Longhaul radio! This has been a huge success and Lucas now DJ’s for Euro Truck Radio as DJ Geo! Well done mate! You’re a natural and were all super proud of you! Make sure you cheer him on at https://eurotruckradio.net/

I also want to reveal our winners of the Driver of the Month for American Truck and Euro Truck Simulator! Both the awards go to Alex Panda! Well done buddy! 60k Kilometres in ETS2 and 17k Miles in ATS! WOW! Thanks a lot Alex! We achieved 6th position in the UK last month so again a HUGE thanks to every single one of our Drivers! This VTC would be nothing without you guys! 2 Steam keys on the way to you!

Also we cannot forget our Most Active Discord Award for October goes to Zubair! Well done mate! The Virtual Trucking Company would defiantly not be the same without you buddy 😉 Enjoy your Steam Key!

I am so proud of everything that we have all achieved last month! Mileage is not what makes a VTC it’s the awesome people within it!

If you are looking to join the best VTC in the world we would LOVE to have you join us here! We are a super friendly No Targets, No Worries, No Stress VTC and always will be! For more information please visit our FAQ page or our Trucksbook Profile.

Here’s to another fantastic Month here at Lytham Longhaul!

Thanks very much for reading!


Managing Director.

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