Lytham Longhaul FAQ

We wanted to answer some Frequently Asked Questions from you guys, so here they are..
I play Euro Truck and/or American Truck but what is a VTC?

A VTC stands for Virtual Trucking Company and is run via a website called TrucksBook, all other VTC’s are listed on here and each one competes to be number one with the miles there players Drive. For example if we have 20 Drivers all doing 10,000 a month the we would have 200,000 total by the end of the month and TrucksBook then rank us accordingly. The company is run like a real company having Managing Directors, Managers etc..

Is this easy to set up?

Yes absolutely! Once you create a free TrucksBook account you download their Client program onto your PC, this runs in the background and when you complete a Job you will see “sent” in your client and your mileage will have been logged and counts towards our total. There is a premium TruckBook account if you want to have its features but is not necessary at all!

I don’t really like Multiplayer I just want to carry on in Single Player?

That’s absolutely fine! the client just runs in the background and any mileage you do whether in Single Player OR Multiplayer gets logged and counts towards our final total! This is for ets2 & ATS. We don’t expect any of our Drivers to play Multiplayer!

I don’t have all the DLC’s can I still play?

Yes of course! You can play in the EXACT same way as you did before, as long as your client is running in the background your mileage will be logged and helps us rank with all the other companies.

Will this change anything in my game?

No it will not change anything in your game whatsoever! All the Client does is record your mileage! All mods etc are untouched, the client runs in your taskbar, that’s it πŸ™‚

Is there any restrictions in my game, speed, cargo?

There is no restrictions on what cargo you haul, play the game as you always have. One thing is what they call “race miles” in Euro Truck Simulator you cannot go faster than 100kph or it will go as race miles and do not count towards our final total, there’s no penalty apart from this though so if you do go over that nothing will happen it just won’t count.

I am new to all this, can you help me?

You bet! I will help you with whatever you need! We have a Dedicated Support Ticket system and Live chat support! We also have a fantastic Discord group and we will all help you, don’t worry πŸ™‚

I like Promods and other map mods, can I still play?

Yes! No problem at all, the client will log any mileage in an SCS map or otherwise..

Do you guys have loads of targets and silly rules?

No, we have no targets whatsoever! This is your game and your time, play as much or as little as you want to, we have 2 rules…

1; We will not tolerate any form of bullying or harassment by anyone! Be kind to each other.

2; Enjoy your game! Not so much a “rule” I know but it is important

Is your Discord active?

Yes, we have quite a few Drivers now and a lot of them are regulars in our group.

I don’t have Discord, do you still want me?

Yes 100%, I do have Drivers that are not on the Discord but their mileage is still getting logged when they play, I keep them up to date with all information and share their pictures they send in with others in our group and we make sure your included! Your still one of us πŸ™‚

Do you have Custom Skins for the Trucks and Trailers?

Yes we do! We currently have 5 Trucks and 3 Trailers skinned with our company branding on, some made by our Drivers themselves! We also have a Custom Garage Signage! These are all made available when you join us πŸ™‚

Do you give rewards to the best Driver etc..?

Yes we do! We appreciate every single mile that you do for us and we regularly reward our drivers with Random Steam keys and we also Promote our Drivers within our company, lots of incentives here but without any pressures. We appreciate real life comes first!

Do you have FaceBook and Twitter?

Yes we do, we have a Facebook group and page and also we are on Twitter! That info is at the bottom of each page here.

Fancy joining with us? Need more information?

We will do whatever we can to make sure you enjoy your time here, that’s our number one goal! We all love Trucking and it makes it so much better when you do it together πŸ™‚

Please check our profile on TrucksBook >> HERE <<

get in touch and we will have you sorted in no time at all!


Managing Director.